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Getting Started with SoSha

Updated: 4 days ago

SoSha is a digital platform providing a centralized suite of tools for organizations to easily build, manage, share, and track organic social media toolkits.

This guide will help you navigate the various tools and features in the SoSha platform and provide you with the relevant links to other pages for more details.

Watch here for a comprehensive 9-minute walkthrough of how to get started using SoSha, including an overview of the SoSha platform and some of our key features!



Not entirely sure how SoSha can be used to optimize your digital strategy? We got you covered! You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with SoSha staff for an in-depth discussion of your digital strategy goals and how SoSha could boost your audience engagement, as well as a comprehensive walkthrough of our platform.


SoSha’s toolkits are the primary tools you'll use to spread your content online. They consist of multiple posts that your audience can share with their own networks, helping your content reach an even greater number of people online.

Posts are the primary building blocks of toolkits. They resemble the typical posts you'd make on any social media platform, including text, images, videos, and links to websites or pages you want to highlight. When individuals share a post from your toolkit, it will be shared on their personal accounts.

Our platform makes it easy to build posts by providing a centralized space to compile all your copy, links, and multimedia content, as well as enabling quicker post creation.

The Post Creation Dashboard allows you to consolidate all your copy and multimedia into one centralized area, assign appropriate social networks, and preview your posts before adding them to your toolkit.

You can create as many posts as you'd like within a toolkit, all of which are compatible across several online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.


The Toolkit Dashboard lets you view and manage all the posts in your toolkit, including publishing and unpublishing draft posts, duplicating post content for alternate platforms, categorizing posts, and more!

Once you build your posts, you can manage them all in one centralized location. Your toolkit dashboard allows you to do a variety of organizing and management tasks, including:

  • Adding labels to posts for easy grouping;

  • The creation of post variations, allowing you to change a post’s content for different social media platforms;

  • Publish or unpublish particular posts within your toolkit to control which posts your sharer’s will have access to;

SoSha’s account dashboard also gives you access to other features and tools to fully customize and manage your toolkits, from customizing the look of your toolkit, to viewing your toolkits’ performance on our analytics page, embedding tools, and so much more.

With SoSha’s latest update, you can create an organization, invite team members and assign roles for them to help draft and manage toolkit content, easily whitelabel your toolkit content and get account wide analytics.


Once you're done drafting your posts and customizing your toolkit, we provide multiple ways for you to share your toolkit with your audiences.

Dedicated Social Media Toolkit Page

Once you publish your toolkit, we provide a dedicated toolkit page you can share with your network so they can access the posts you've crafted, customize them to their unique voices, and then share with their audiences.

The improved dedicated toolkit landing page reduces the amount of clicks to share from three to one, providing visitors an easily scrollable main page with all your toolkit's posts available to share.

Email Embedding

This feature allows you to embed your toolkits into email campaigns and recurring email newsletters is an effective, easy way to maximize your toolkit’s reach. 

Stay tuned to when this feature is live on our new platform!

Website Embedding

SoSha also provides a seamless way for you to import your toolkit directly into any website page you’d like. We ensure your audiences can share your content without ever having to leave your website!


Unlike many social media sharing toolkits, SoSha provides an analytics dashboard to track key metrics for your toolkit’s success, including number of visitors, shares, and clicks generated, which platform generated the most engagement, and more.


Ready to get started? Sign up for a free consultation call to learn which subscription is right for your organization!


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