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Creating Posts on SoSha

Updated: 4 days ago

Posts are the primary building blocks of SoSha toolkits. As you share your toolkits, posts are the way your networks will interact and share your content. This entry explains the key elements of posts and how to craft them.



The SoSha Post Creation Menu allows you to create new posts and manage the posts you've created.

The SoSha Post Creation Menu is accessible through your toolkit's main menu under "Posts".

This menu consists of two distinct sections:

  • The New Post Creation Menu where you can create new posts to include in your toolkit, and;

  • The Posts Dashboard where you preview previously created posts and make edits as needed. With the multi-select feature, toolkit managers can select multiple posts at a time to duplicate, delete, publish, move to draft, and move to a new campaign.


As best practice, we recommend creating at least three post variations per toolkit, and for even better results, aim for three post variations per social media. This approach ensures that your content remains fresh and the variety engages the most amount of people as possible, maximizing reach and impact across different platforms.

With SoSha’s post creation menu, toolkit managers have the flexibility to consolidate  various promotional elements into their posts: text, images/videos/gifs/giphys, links, link captions, and social media platforms. 

Managers choose which elements to include based on the type of content they want their community to share, making it easy to tailor each post to their specific goals and audience preferences. 

And now there are no longer image requirements to fit the link preview, providing more freedom and versatility in post creation.

Here is a summary of each element in the post creation menu:

  • Social Media Select the social media platforms you want to share your posts. SoSha posts can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Threads, Whatsapp and all apps on mobile devices.

  • Text Enter the text you want to have as a caption for your social media post. Reminder: if you want your post to be used on Twitter, it must meet Twitter's 280-character limit. We have a character count at the bottom to keep track of this limit. Any hashtags can be inserted into this section.

    • Note: TikTok and Instagram are the only platforms where you cannot upload text-only posts.

  • Link  Add a link to the content you want to promote. Your link will be converted into a link hosted by or your custom domain, enabling us to monitor click activity.

  • Link Caption  Enter a short phrase/call to action that will display at the bottom of your social media post and it will display above your link. 

  • Image, Video, Giphy  Add an image, video, or GIF relevant to the post. The image or video will upload natively on all social media platforms for mobile devices. For desktop users, the content will be downloaded, and then users must upload it to the social platform. Here are a few image ratio suggestions:

    • Requirements for Images, Video, and GIF upload

      • Images must be less than 20 MB and less than 4096x4096 pixels. We support the upload of PNG, JPG/JPEG/MJPEG, BMP, WEBP, and TIFF.

      • Videos must be less than 200 MB, 5 minutes long, 60fps, 3840x3840 pixels, 512,000 audio bitrate , 200,000,000 video bitrate.

      • GIFs must be less than 50 MB, less than 30 seconds long, and less than 4096x4096 pixels.  

        • Note: GIFs cannot be uploaded on Instagram and Threads. 

Native Video Sharing To upload a video, simply drag and drop the video.

  • Sharing Native Videos on Desktop:

    • Our platform will automatically download the video file and copy the post caption to the clipboard.

    • Users will then see a pop-up screen asking for their permission to continue to their preferred social media network.

    • Inside the social network, the user simply selects the downloaded file and pastes the post caption from their clipboard.

  • Sharing Native Videos on Mobile:

    • Our platform will open the phone's share menu so that the user can select their preferred app

    • After choosing the app, the user can select which posting feature they want to use the video for (e.g. a story, or post).

    • The video then gets automatically carried over to the app. In some apps (e.g. Twitter, Whatsapp) the text is also carried over automatically.

      • In cases where the text is not carried over, the user can easily paste it from their clipboard.


While designing your posts, you can view the post preview on your right. 

As you design your posts, a preview of it will be shown on the right.

The "Posts" section of the dashboard compiles all created posts within the toolkit, allowing you to view, revise or delete them at will. If you've already shared your toolkit with your networks, you can still change posts and any changes will be reflected in the toolkit and other SoSha materials.

Once the design of a post is complete, you can either post it to your live toolkit or save the post as a draft. As a draft, you can continue to edit a post and it will not display on a live toolkit until you publish it.


This feature is useful when you want to use similar content (images, videos, or text) but need to edit one element. Post variations allow you to optimize a single idea for different social media platforms.

To create a post variation, click the three dots next to a post and select "Add Variation". This will duplicate the original post. Choose the new social media platform for the duplicated post and make any necessary changes before saving.

Now, when you click the social media icons on a post, you’ll see different variations for the same post.


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