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Simplify Your
Social Sharing

Developed closely with digital organizers, SoSha helps build, manage, and track social share campaigns with easy-to-use, dynamic toolkits.

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Social Share
Toolkits Reimagined.

Building social media toolkits is time-consuming. Managing them is even more difficult. Tracking their success is oftentimes impossible. SoSha does all three, easily.  


SoSha provides the ultimate social media engagement tool that helps digital organizers ramp up their organic social sharing efforts.



With SoSha you can save critical time spent building effective social toolkits for organic social media campaigns using AI.



Effectively manage numerous campaigns simultaneously, driving organic social media reach and regularly achieving at least 10x more engagement than comparable social sharing technology.



SoSha is the only social sharing tool that helps you measure organic social performance and engagement across social media channels with the same accuracy as paid media tools.



SoSha social sharing technology provides a seamless sharing experience for your community: no need for them to share personal credentials for posting, or to download social assets.

Providing solutions
across industries.

Companies and organizations rely on SoSha to build the social sharing toolkits they need, for everything from event promotions to fundraising.

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Reach out for custom subscription options.

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Through our strategic partnership with SoSha we're providing PR Newswire customers with a uniquely differentiated social amplification solution that will ensure our clients' message is seen and accurately tracked across all available channels.

Nicole Guillot | COO, Cision & President, PR Newswire

faster & simpler.

You don't have to settle for toolkits on Google Docs

Our dashboard provides a one-stop-shop to store and compose your toolkits social media posts, images, and videos. Additionally, our toolkits provide a wide array of customizability options both for organizers and social media users, maximizing engagement and saving time.

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Building social toolkits 

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 14.15.53.png

We craft the most effective social copy recommendations in seconds using AI

Optimizing copy for each social media platform can prove challenging. Utilizing innovative AI technology, our platform helps you generate a variety of different posts catered to different audiences and platforms and maximize audience engagement. 

Different teams? 

Multiple Accounts,
One Payment.

Our Federated Account System functionality allows for multiple different accounts to be housed under one master account. You only pay for your organization as a whole, and the different teams in your org receive separate, organized dashboards to do their work!

Multiple Campaigns?

Build the toolkits you need for

No need for the unnecessary hassle of creating multiple accounts or trying to organize through storage drives filled with toolkit docs. SoSha allows one account to create numerous toolkits for different campaigns, all stored in one centralized space and easily editable. 

Tracking Your Success.

Getting the data you need to monitor and modify your social media toolkits can be challenging. SoSha tackles the problem by providing detailed analytics reports that give you the info you need to successfully engage your audiences. 

Understanding and tracking your toolkits' reach and value

We provide a variety of metrics including:

Organic Social Shares​​

The total number of times your social toolkit was shared by your audience. Includes a shares-per-day ratio. 


Using a tracking pixel, we provide the total number of persons who completed a desired action after clicking on the link from one of your toolkit's posts.

Organic Clicks

The total number of times the link to your social toolkit was clicked on. Includes a clicks-per-day ratio.


We provide an accurate estimate based on your toolkit's number of clicks, plus the click-through-rates of individual social media platforms.  

Estimated Marketing Value

SpeechifAI derives the total dollar amount saved using organic social share versus advertising, based on your toolkit's total number of generated impressions and clicks.

And more...

Easily share to

engage your audiences.

Check out this workshop with SoSha Co-Founder  Tudor Mihailescu and DemCast Co-Founder Lori Coleman on using organic social tools to engage audiences online.

One toolkit you can seamlessly integrate into a variety of different mediums

SoSha's toolkit can be shared across email, websites, and multiple social media platforms, delivering fully customizable posts anywhere. 

From EveryAction to MailChimp to ActionNetwork, advocacy groups use SoSha toolkits to promote a wide array of campaigns online.

Not Sure Where To Start?

We've built templates and example digital advocacy campaigns for building SoSha posts that detail what makes a good post and provide a few examples you can customize to build your own SoSha digital organizing toolkit.

We provide a variety of resources for organizations looking to use SoSha for their digital organizing and advocacy needs. We have a dedicated technical and account staff that can work with your organization to choose the right subscription type, get started with SoSha, and optimize your use of our platform.


Check out the pages below for more information.

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