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SoSha Analytics

Updated: 17 hours ago

SoSha automatically generates an analytic insights dashboard for every toolkit created, providing a "one-stop-shop" for measuring your toolkit's audience engagement.

The dashboard includes key metrics for toolkit success, such as the number of clicks, shares, and unique visitors your toolkit receives.

NOTE: Your subscription tier determines how far back you can access historical data.



This menu presents your toolkit’s most important metrics. Here is an overview of each of these metrics:


The total number of unique visitors your social toolkit has attracted, including a per-day user ratio.


This metric tracks how many times users clicked on the share buttons in your toolkit, such as "share" or "download & copy."


The total number of individuals who clicked on a link in a post from your toolkit after it was shared.

This menu includes a time-series graphic showing the number of visitors and shares your toolkit attracts over time allowing you to track your toolkit's progress.

A graph also shows the shares and clicks you receive per social network, helping you see which social networks drive the most engagement.


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