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This may sound a bit obvious, but social media is a BIG deal. 


Social media has the power to give people around the world, no matter their background or status, a truly global voice.

Despite that, average people are struggling to be heard...

Only a few voices dominate

the conversations online...

For example, only 10% of Twitter users produce 80% of the content on the platform.


Influencers and large profile brands generate the vast majority of the content you see online, rendering everyone else a voiceless follower. 

SoSha is looking to give more people a voice online. 

Even for the average person who does want to contribute online, getting started can be intimidating.


After all, low post engagement can dissuade even the most enthusiastic social media user.  

Thankfully, we have the tools to empower everyday voices.


 We Believe... 


should be a force that empowers people, not silences them.


SoSha acts on this principle by providing a cutting-edge, AI-powered platform that easily allows users to create compelling and authentic social media posts about their favorite content online. 


should be spread online organically and authentically.


Our primary goal is to enable the success and growth of our users’ online campaigns, either large or small.


engaging posts shouldn't just be for influencers and social media managers.


SoSha eliminates the writers’ block that stops many people from posting. Our groundbreaking writing assistant helps users craft posts that will not only reach audiences but provide the greatest impact. 


Tudor is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SoSha, overseeing the company's operations and management. He oversees the entire SoSha team,  ensuring each team member feels valued and supported to do their best work. He also works on building and nurturing the SoSha community,  including customers, sharers, and investors.

He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science with a concentration in Speechwriting from the Graduate Institute Geneva. He is a Former Visiting Fellow at George Washington University, a Member of the National Press Club in Washington DC, and was nominated by Forbes Europe 30 under 30 in Law & Policy in 2017.



Valentin is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SoSha, overseeing and spearheading the company's product and AI development. His work at SoSha focuses on building new technology and innovating new solutions that address our clients' needs to make their lives easier.

Before SoSha, he worked as a software developer for industrial applications and a Lead AI Engineer for an IT start-up. He was a Ph.D. Fellow specializing in Applied Artificial Intelligence at Graz University of Technology and held research and teaching positions at the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark.

andreigherghe_colorcorrected (1).jpg

Andrei oversees platform development and leads innovation efforts, working hand-in-hand with other SoSha engineers to deliver the highest quality product to our users. He brings seven years of programming skills with a wide variety of technologies to his work at SoSha. 

In his prior work, Andrei co-founded radio Terra, a Romanian broadcast media company, serving also as the CTO. He worked in development roles for a variety of companies including Microsoft. 


Ioana designed the first prototype of the application that enabled campaign coordinators to predefine content and community members to customize and share messages. Since then, she has continuously iterated to improve the user experience and add new features like the AI writing assistant and data analytics.

She has more than five years of software engineer experience in both Romania and the Netherlands. She holds a Masters in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Bucharest and holds numerous certifications in UX design and management. 


CTO & Co-Founder


User Experience Lead


Tech Lead


CEO & Co-Founder

Michael handles SoSha's branding and communications strategies, refining SoSha's public-facing materials and promoting the company. He's excited to promote SoSha's platform as an invaluable tool for modern digital campaigns and social movements online. 

He holds an M.A. in Political Science from NYU. He currently works as a Research Fellow with the non-profit Tech Talent Project, and previously interned for Congressman Adriano Espaillat on Capitol Hill.


As Customer Relations Associate, Areti supports our users by answering questions and providing the resources for user success, from onboarding, to assisting campaign launches, and reviewing campaign analytics.  Her work with SoSha is motivated by the positive impact SoSha has on organizations looking to achieve their goals through innovative organic engagement.

Prior to graduating from American University and working at SoSha, she worked for a boutique public relations firm, tourist magazine, and various retail positions which sparked her passion to help others. She also has an interest in cross-cultural communication and a translation certificate in Spanish.



Full Stack Developer

Razvan works as SoSha's full stack developer and cloud engineer, writing code and maintaining the platform's backend infrastructure. He is constantly motivated to learn new things. At the moment he's studying the Rust programming language, while learning and experimenting with other coding languages and tech platforms to bring those findings to his work at SoSha. 

Razvan started out doing mobile development on iOS before engaging in cross-platform development for iOS and Android and both front-end and back-end cloud engineering for multiple tech companies and start-ups based in Bucharest.


Content & Communications Lead


Customer Relations Associate

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