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We're a diverse team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and marketing professionals passionate about creating the ultimate alternative to digital ads online.    

Utilizing our collective years of experience across industries, we developed the first platform to combine embeddable social share toolkits, advanced analytics, and Generative AI content creation to help companies and organizations run engaging, organic social share campaigns.

Only a few voices are trusted online...

A 2020 survey found 93% of consumers trust brand information shared by friends and family...


...meanwhile, only 38% said they trusted advertisements.

SoSha helps organizations fully utilize user-generated content

People engage the most with user-generated content from mutual connections online. We provide the tools organizations use to best harness that content.


Our goal is not only to boost online engagement with our users' branding but also the importance and visibility of organic voices in online communities.   

Our approach...


Provides seamless sharing experience: no need for users to connect their personal social media accounts or download a dedicated, third-party app. 


Helps measure organic social performance and engagement across social media channels with the same accuracy as paid media tools.


Easily integratable in customers' current community engagement workflow (i.e. CRMs, website builders, or community engagement apps).


Automatically crafts the most effective social copy recommendations tailored for each social network in seconds.

Meet our team.


CEO & Co-Founder

Tudor is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SoSha, overseeing the company's operations and management. He oversees the entire SoSha team,  ensuring each team member feels valued and supported to do their best work. He also works on building and nurturing the SoSha community,  including customers, sharers, and investors.



CTO & Co-Founder

Valentin is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SoSha, overseeing and spearheading the company's product and AI development. His work at SoSha focuses on building new technology and innovating new solutions that address our clients' needs to make their lives easier.

andreigherghe_colorcorrected (1).jpg


Tech Lead

Andrei oversees platform development and leads innovation efforts, working hand-in-hand with other SoSha engineers to deliver the highest quality product to our users. He brings seven years of programming skills with a wide variety of technologies to his work at SoSha. 



User Experience Lead

Ioana designed the first prototype of the application that enabled campaign coordinators to define content and community members to customize and share messages. Since then, she has continuously iterated to improve the user experience and add new features like the AI writing assistant and data analytics.



Content & Communications Lead

Michael handles SoSha's branding and communications strategies, refining SoSha's public-facing materials and promoting the company in various media and publications. He's excited to amplify SoSha's platform as an invaluable tool for modern digital campaigns and social movements online. He has worked for 5+ years in tech industry-based non-profits and startups and has worked on Capitol Hill.



Email Marketing Specialist

As an Email Marketing Specialist, Areti supports our users by answering questions and providing the resources for user success, from onboarding to assisting campaign launches and reviewing campaign analytics.  Her work with SoSha is motivated by the positive impact SoSha has on organizations looking to achieve their goals through innovative organic engagement.



Full Stack Developer

Razvan works as SoSha's full-stack developer and cloud engineer, writing code and maintaining the platform's backend infrastructure. He is constantly motivated to learn new things. At the moment he's studying the Rust programming language while learning and experimenting with other coding languages and tech platforms to bring those findings to his work at SoSha. 



Software Engineer

Ioan works as a Software Engineer at SoSha, responsible for backend development and managing the cloud infrastructure. He previously worked as a full-stack engineer, building and managing software in a variety of domains like carpentry, digital identity, and high-frequency trading.

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Web Developer

Tomas is SoSha's front-end web developer focused on ensuring SoSha's platform performs well for users, is visually appealing, enjoyable to use, and provides a design with good user flow and solid business logic. He enjoys experimenting with AI for his work and seeing the different use cases across varied areas and industries. He uses multiple models in his daily workflow and is curious to learn more about emerging technologies.

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Meet our advisors.



Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors, West Wing Writers, Inc.

Jonas Kieffer is Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors at West Wing Writers—and a strategist for leaders, organizations, and brands at the highest levels of business, philanthropy, government, and advocacy.  Previously, he was a member of the partnership that grew West Wing five-fold and successfully sold the company to an employee-ownership trust in 2023.


Before joining West Wing in 2012, Jonas served in President Barack Obama’s administration as Director of Speechwriting at the United States Department of Transportation. As a presidential appointee and aide to Secretary Ray LaHood, he led the agency’s team of writers. Prior to that, Jonas was a senior executive communications advisor to Dr. Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, and a speechwriter for New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine.



Principal, PowerThru

Laura Packard is a healthcare advocate, on-air commentator and show host, event emcee and spokesperson, small business owner, non-profit founder, and award-winning progressive digital and communications strategist and consultant. She is a small business owner of PowerThru Consulting, a boutique digital consulting firm for progressive non-profits and advocacy organizations, and staffed and consulted with small to large progressive non-profits and Democratic campaigns from city council to President across the country over the past decade-plus.


She is a recipient of 9 Reed awards and 4 Pollies to date. She is also Founder of Health Care Voices, a non-profit that organizes adults with serious medical conditions to tell their stories, and Executive Director of Health Care Voter, a national campaign to hold elected officials accountable for their votes on health care.



SoSha Senior Advisor

Danny Selnick is a nationally recognized senior communications counselor. Throughout his over 35 + year career, he has been dedicated to strategic marketing and communications efforts on behalf of his clients, beginning at E.F. Hutton and Company, followed by PRNewswire where he served as vice president, public policy services, and vice president and bureau manager for the Washington, D.C. office.


Most recently, Selnick served in a senior position at Business Wire where he was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Markets. Over the decades, Selnick has served on a number of boards and committees at the National Press Club, the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, and at George Mason University's Insight Committee to the Department of Communication.

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Let's Get Started.

Reach out to our sales team for more information on how your organization can use SoSha, or check out a few use cases for more information on how to use SoSha!

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