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Four Insights on Generative AI Every Social Media Manager Ought to Know

Updated: May 9

SoSha’s CEO talks key insights on generative AI tools and how to use them effectively, along with case study examples from long-time SoSha user DemCast.

Ai-generated array of computers

The use of AI tools to quickly generate text and imagery for social media content creation has skyrocketed over the past year. Tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 have changed the game by facilitating a greater amount of content creation in a shorter period of time, unlocking the potential for larger social media campaigns and providing smaller organizations an easy way to make an impact.

However, while organizers and marketers now have the ability to drastically increase the quantity of content they create, the overall ability of this content to motivate and engage audiences can vary. Following content creation best practices and utilizing social content optimization tools is essential if organizers and marketers want to truly unlock the potential generative AI tools can offer. 

Thankfully, SoSha CEO Tudor Mihailescu and DemCast Director of Partnerships Jamie Carter laid out many of these best practices and other generative AI insights earlier this year in a webinar titled, “How to Use Generative AI To Create Effective Social Media Content” as part of the Center for Digital Strategy’s annual Digital Strategy Summit. 

Here are a few of those insights from the webinar event that can optimize the way you utilize generative AI for your social media content:

1. Neural networks have made virality less predictable.

As social media platforms have moved away from using a rules-based system for their algorithms in favor of neural networks, it has become more difficult to predict what kind or structure of content will ultimately go viral. Instead, you should utilize generative AI tools to produce a wide variety of content that can be A/B tested and eventually cultivate a higher likelihood of engagement over time.

2. Prioritize variety in your social posts, based on audience and platform.

Supplying your audiences with social sharing toolkits that contain a wide array of posts, with copy and image variations, will only increase the likelihood they will engage with and ultimately share the content you’re looking to promote. SoSha’s platform makes this process easy with simple post construction and management, an “Adjust Tone” functionality that rephrases your copy to speak to particular tones, and broad end-user post customizability.

3. AI can not only save time, it can effectively boost engagement.

Many think of AI solely as a time saver, but that’s not the case. AI tools can enable a limited marketing team to generate a greater range of voices that can speak to different audiences and ultimately drive more clicks and shares. Understanding AI’s role in expanding audience reach can be a huge factor in building a cutting-edge social media strategy.

4. Iterate on your most successful content using AI.

While it’s important to promote variety in your content, you should also track what works — which you can do using SoSha Analytics 😉— and use AI-powered tools — like SoSha’s Writing Assistant 😉😉— to quickly generate and share more versions of that content. This allows you to capitalize on what you know works while promoting a diversity of voices and approaches in your content. As Jamie mentions as well, mix-and-matching copy with successful multimedia can also drive engagement.


Overall, AI presents an exciting opportunity for social media managers to do a lot more with less. However, the key to longer lasting success and avoiding getting caught in the deluge of AI-generated content on social media is to lean into content variety. 

By being thoughtful about the voice of your messaging and how it speaks to your audiences, and ultimately using AI to iterate on your successful content, you can make generative AI tools the cutting-edge factor in your digital strategy and give you the advantage you need to rise above the noise and reach your audiences online.


Want to learn more about SoSha or understand how SoSha’s features would work in your current digital strategy? Curious if SoSha is right for your organization?

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