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SoSha Analytics

Updated: Jun 11

SoSha automatically generates an analytic insights dashboard for every campaign created, providing a "one-stop-shop" for measuring audience engagement with your SoSha campaigns. The dashboard includes key metrics for campaign success, such as the number of clicks, shares, and unique visits by users your campaign receives over the last 90 days.



This menu presents your campaign's most important metrics. Here is an overview of each of these metrics:

  • Users - The total number of unique visitors your social toolkit has attracted, including a per-day user ratio.

  • Shares - This metric tracks how many times users clicked on the share buttons in your social toolkit, such as "customize & share" or "download & copy."

  • Number of Clicks - The total number of individuals who clicked on a link in a shared post from your toolkit.

This menu includes a time-series graphic showing the number of users and shares your campaign attracts over time allowing you can track your campaign's progress.


This menu details where your content is shared and what elements of your campaign see the most traffic.

  • Shares by Platform - Provides the sum of campaign shares across each platform. (Note: Only direct shares from your social toolkit are counted. )

  • Shares by Source - Provides the sum of champaign shares across different sharing sources i.e. sharing page, email embedding, etc.

  • Top 3 Most Shared Texts/Images - This feature allows you to analyze the most engaging text and images from your campaign so you can optimize your content even further.


This menu details where your campaign is receiving the most clicks, along with other related data points.

  • Clicks by Platform - The number of clicks generated across the different social media platforms your campaign is shared on.

  • Clicks Rate by Platform - The number of clicks per share across the different social media platforms your campaign is shared on. Also provides your campaign's overall clicks per share ratio.

  • Total Estimated Value - Provides the total dollar value of the number of clicks your campaign generated as compared to standard social media advertising costs.

  • Top 3 Most Clicked Images - This feature allows you to analyze the most clicked images from your campaign.


This menu provides information on the countries from where users have interacted with your campaign.


Custom Account Analytics - Blizzard & Tornado Only

The Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of a toolkit's activity for the last 90 days. For enhanced insights, Blizzard and Tornado users can use the Account Analytics feature, which offers data from your account's inception.

You can generate reports multiple times a day for real-time data analysis. Although the dashboard displays only one toolkit at a time, you can generate custom reports for more than one campaign to gain insights into their performance from the day you began using SoSha until the present.

How to Generate a Custom Analytics Report

  1. Click on the "Account Analytics" tab on the righthand corner of the SoSha Dashboard.

  2. Select the specific timeframe you'd like to analyze.

  3. Choose whether you want to generate reports for "All Campaigns" or selectively pick campaigns by clicking "Select Campaigns" and choosing the ones you need.

  4. Click "Generate Report" and open the link to a Google Sheets with your data.

Video tutorial of how to generate an advanced analytics report




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