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Exciting New Platform Updates Coming to SoSha!

Updated: Jun 14

We know 2024 is going to be a very busy year for many of our users. You’ll need the tools to deliver your content quickly and efficiently to your audiences. That’s why SoSha is unveiling a new extensive platform update designed to promote ease of access, introduce new social media platform compatibilities, and maximize audience engagement. 

Late last year, we officially rebranded from SpeechifAI to SoSha, reinforcing our commitment to providing our users the best possible tools in organic social sharing. We’re proud to say that this next step in our platform’s development will deliver on that commitment, providing a revamped platform with new features to deliver on your digital strategy in this critical election year. 

This overview will walk you through the various platform and toolkit updates you can expect implemented throughout May and into our formal launch in June: 

A Redesigned, More User-Friendly Toolkit

When it comes to sharing content, the less menus and pages users have to navigate, the more likely they are to share. That’s why we’ve streamlined our toolkit from a three-clicks-to-share experience to a true one-click-to-share social media toolkit. Now, visitors to your toolkit will only need to scroll down and simply click “Share” on the post of their preferred social media platform.

SoSha's new toolkit reduces time spent by visitors navigating different subsections of posts and puts all the content on one scrollable, filterable page, enabling quick and seamless sharing.

In addition to a more streamlined user interface, we’ve also included filters based on platform, post labels, and posts with copy or images only. This will enable visitors to quickly find and share the content they best connect with. 

New Account Management Dashboard, Toolkit Branding, and Post Options

The new dashboard simplifies the account management process, making it easier to coordinate with team members across your organization's various social media toolkits.

Managing your SoSha account is about to get a whole lot simpler. We’ve revamped the entire user interface, providing a streamlined dashboard that allows you to manage your organization’s various toolkits, oversee and change permissions for other team members managing or viewing your toolkits, analyze your toolkit’s metric performance, and more! 

Also we’ve introduced even more customizability for your toolkits by introducing a new banner displayed at the top of your toolkit landing page that provides broader opportunities for organizational branding and unique designs. 

New TikTok & Threads Sharing Functionality

SoSha sharing functionalities are finally coming to TikTok and Threads! Toolkit managers will now be able to craft posts for audiences to easily share via TikTok and Threads, expanding your audience reach and allowing you to stay at the forefront of communications efforts in newer, widely used social media platforms.

For TikTok posts, videos and links will automatically be put in the editor while post text is automatically copied to visitor's clipboards for easy pasting into the video's caption.

Threads posts will work similarly to sharing on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, while for TikTok users can easily upload videos and any accompanying text will automatically be copied for toolkit visitors to easily post in-app and publish. Given TikTok’s rising presence in the advocacy space, we hope these new functionalities will equip SoSha users with the tools they need to maximize the reach of their content this year.

New Post Options with User-Generated Photos and Custom Overlays

We’re introducing new features in our post creation process that maximizes engagement with your audiences. This includes a new option for toolkit managers enabling users to take and share their own pictures to accompany your SoSha toolkit content. This allows users to participate in real-time events and organizing activities and share immediately, making your SoSha toolkit a more dynamic and timely tool in your digital strategy.

Additionally, we’re introducing a new custom overlay feature that would allow toolkit managers to use customized graphics and assets to create an image overlay that toolkit visitors can insert their photos behind. This allows for even more opportunities to engage audiences with your content and also find fun, creative ways to incorporate your branding into multimedia content!


We’re excited to bring these new features to new and existing customers over the course of the next few weeks! We believe these changes will make your SoSha toolkits even easier to build, manage, and share with your audiences. Stay tuned for more updates on our platform! 

Want to find out more about how these new features fit into your organization’s digital strategy?

Book a free consultation call with our staff to discuss whether SoSha is a right fit for your organization’s strategy and get a personalized walkthrough of the new features we’re introducing to the platform. Sign up here!


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