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Sharing your SoSha campaign

Updated: Jun 11

Once you're done customizing your campaign, SoSha offers a variety of ways to share your campaign with your networks. Reach the greatest audience possible by using one or more of these sharing techniques!



Social Toolkits are the primary way you can get your networks to engage with your campaign and spread your content to the greatest possible audience. Here are the steps to take to successfully create and deploy your campaign's social toolkit:

A completed social toolkit with an image, a clear call to action, and a list of available social platforms users can share your content on.

  1. Go to the Landing Page tab in your campaign menu to ensure your social toolkit includes a primary image and welcome message with a clear call to action.

  2. View your customized social toolkit by hitting the Live Campaign button in the menu.

    1. Make sure to finish adding the posts and other details you want in your campaign before sharing. But don't worry, you can always make changes to your campaign even after you hit the Live Campaign button and start sharing.

  3. A new webpage will open which will host your social toolkit for you to review and share with your networks.

  4. Share the webpage URL with your networks by posting it in your messages, allowing them to access your social toolkit.

    1. A few suggested ways to best share your social toolkit's URL include social media platforms, SMS/Text messaging, email correspondence, website copy, and more.

  5. Monitor activity via the Analytics tool on your campaign's menu as people visit your social toolkit, customize your posts, and share your content with their networks,



SoSha campaigns are 100% email embeddable. Embedding your campaign into email campaigns and recurring email newsletters is an effective, easy way to maximize your campaign's reach.

Here are the steps you can take to incorporate your SoSha campaign into emails:

Email Embedding tab located on the Campaign Management Dashboard.

  1. Go to your Campaign Management Dashboard and select Tools followed by Email Embedding option in the top right corner.

  2. Select the campaign you want to generate email embedding for.

  3. Choose your preferred social platform.

  4. Select up to two posts from the campaign to share on your email.

  5. Change your preferences, including button color (using color codes), button caption, and an option to allow sharing across more than one platform.

    1. NOTE: Make sure to hit the Update Code button to save your changes.

  6. Copy the code on the bottom of the page, and implement it in any email CRM. If you would like any further customizations, feel free to reach out!

Here's a video tutorial that walks through the steps:



One of the best ways to promote audience engagement with your content online is to embed a SoSha campaign into your website.

Keeping audiences interested and engaged with your content online is a constant challenge. We make it easier by providing embeddable SoSha campaigns you can seamlessly incorporate into any of your online content, from blog articles to donation pages.

Here's a useful manual on how to incorporate your SoSha campaign into your website.



  • Click here to learn about how to track your campaign's success once you launch using SoSha analytics!

  • Here are some resources to help you learn about crafting campaigns and posts before you share them with your networks.


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