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Campaign Menu & Features

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

SoSha Campaigns are the primary tools you'll use to spread your content online. Here are the main features of SoSha campaigns you'll need to know to craft a compelling, audience-engaging campaign.



After you create your SoSha account, you'll be guided to the campaign management screen where you'll name your campaign, customize it, and draft posts. Social share toolkits, also known as campaigns, are resources containing drafted content that your audience can share.

Here's the breakdown of the different sections:


This area allows you to customize the general aspects of your overall campaign.

Landing Page lets you customize the images and text that will appear on the various versions of your campaign landing page that you'll share with your networks.

Miscellaneous settings, such as link captions, are included in the Sharing Options section.

Organize your campaign's photos and posts into organized sections in the Categories menu.


This is where you'll craft posts and view all existing posts within your campaign. Read more details about creating posts here.


Once you attach images and text to your campaign, crafted your posts, and are ready to launch your campaign, click here to generate a live website with your sharing toolkit fully crafted and ready to be shared with your network!


Once your campaign is launched, track its progress with the Analytics menu. Our analytics dashboard provides key metrics including:

  1. Number of times your campaign was shared;

  2. Number of times your posts were clicked on;

  3. Number of "users" -- or unique visits to your social toolkit's webpage-- your campaign has received.

The analytics dashboard shows the last 90 days of activity. You can read more about the features in the analytics tab here.



  • Read more on how to build a SoSha campaign, from sign up to launch!


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