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Social Sharing Reimagined. 

Combining embeddable sharing buttons, advanced analytics, and AI-powered content creation to provide the highest-performing organic social media amplification platform.

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Meet the new
alternative to digital ads.
user-created posts

generated from SoSha toolkits shared across multiple platforms.



toolkits shared

by organizations, companies, and agencies across various industries.

marketing value generated

for customers using SoSha toolkits shared across various social media platforms.

Advertising online is getting more restrictive, & costly...
SoSha harnesses the power of people to share messaging organically.

Approximately 9 in 10 consumers report trusting recommendations from people they know above any other media or marketing channel.


Our platform taps into the power of organic messaging to help you build online communities and avoid restrictive algorithms and large price tags.  

What are social share toolkits? 

Social share toolkits, or simply media kits or share kits, are documents or webpages that provide drafted content target audiences use to quickly build and share social media posts on a particular topic.

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SoSha provides share kit creators a platform to build and manage multiple kits simultaneously while eliminating the need for sharers to build posts themselves by making content sharable in less than three clicks. 

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Providing solutions
across industries.

Companies and organizations rely on SoSha to build the social sharing toolkits they need, for everything from event promotions to fundraising.

Reach out for custom subscription options.

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Through our strategic partnership with SoSha we're providing PR Newswire customers with a uniquely differentiated social amplification solution that will ensure our clients' message is seen and accurately tracked across all available channels.

Nicole Guillot | COO, Cision & President, PR Newswire

See how SoSha works
with any campaign.

Share company messaging with employees for them to post on their social media networks, driving organic social media reach and achieving at least 10x more engagement than comparable social sharing technology.


SoSha helps digital organizers build easy-to-share social media posts, manage social sharing campaigns, and track the success of their awareness, fundraising, GOTV, or other kinds of online campaigns.

Key Features
AI-Powered Writing Assistant
Google Docs Toolkit Converter
Social Media Toolkit Creator
Toolkit Email & Website Embedding

View the pricing page for more details!

Customized Analytics Report
Social Media Post Customization
Let's Get Started.

Reach out to our sales team for more information on how your organization can use SoSha, or log into your existing account below.  

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