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SoSha transforms your social media communities into fundraising ambassadors.


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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Organic social sharing (aka "word-of-mouth" marketing) focuses on everyday people sharing content online as an effective, cost-efficient marketing alternative to digital ads. 


Our easy-to-use toolkits help organizations amplify their fundraising campaigns and harness their networks to reach online audiences.

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Easy to Share Toolkits

Share easy-to-build promotions for your fundraiser via social media, email newsletters, and website pages. Our toolkits can also be shared with specific audiences, making them perfect for peer-to-peer and online event fundraising. 

Customizable Posts 

Generate audience interest in your fundraising campaigns through customized, shareable posts.  We give you and your audience the tools and opportunities for authentic storytelling. 

Funding Platform Integration

Our toolkit is compatible with most major fundraising platforms. Organizations have used SoSha to seamlessly boost traffic to their pages for crowdfunding, political fundraisers, charitable donation pages, and more.   



One organization utilized SoSha (formerly SpeechifAI) toolkits embedded on their landing page to help drive a $700k virtual fundraiser. Read more about it here.  Also, check out their landing page to see how SoSha integrates with custom landing pages. 

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Low-Cost Alternative to Digital Ads

Digital ads are becoming more expensive and don't deliver the lasting engagement organizations hope for. SoSha provides up to 10 times more interactions than digital ads for only a fraction of the cost.


Read a recent article in the online publication Campaigns & Elections about how Democratic fundraiser DemCast used SoSha to raise $300,000 in funds for candidates.

Check out a few examples of how to use SoSha for fundraising from some of our clients. 



See how the environmental journal Planet Forward used SoSha to target friends and supporters to share with their network.  



This campaign uses a brief welcome message since users have already taken the action to invest. Users can continue the momentum by sharing with their own networks. 



This campaign uses a clear and detailed welcome message that explains where the investment will go, generating a call to action for donors.

Tools for Any Campaign

Crowdfunding for startups? Managing donation drives for charities? Fundraising for political campaigns?  We have customizable and easy-to-share toolkits for any business or organization's fundraising goals.

Digital Work Life

Not Sure Where To Start?

We've built a template and a live demo for building SoSha posts that detail what makes a good post and provide a few examples you can customize to create your own SoSha fundraising toolkit.

We provide a variety of resources for organizations looking to use SoSha for their fundraising marketing needs. We have a dedicated technical and account staff that can work with your organization to choose the right subscription type, get started with SoSha, and optimize your use of our platform. Check out the pages below for more information.

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