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Event Promotion Case Study: Antler


Event Promotion with SpeechifAI


GOAL: Maximize social media promotion around in-person and remote events.

Antler is a global startup generator breaking down the barriers to entrepreneurship to enable the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from scratch.

Antler used SpeechifAI for spreading the word about Demo-Day, the most important recurring event for the company, on multiple occasions for their offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm and London.

Antler Amsterdam used SpeechifAI to maximize social media promotion around the Demo Day event in mid-November. Antler ran 4 campaigns before, during, and after the event, enabling 134 users to perform 76 shares / 62 picture downloads.

The posts shared generated approx. 360 clicks on Facebook and Linkedin. 


Key Metrics & Results:

1 Share per User   2.6 Clicks per Share 


$12 Value Generated per User

Want to see how SpeechifAI works in action?

You can browse posts that the Civic Technologies user community have shared through SpeechifAI on Twitter by searching #CivicWalletTeam. 

"We have used SpeechifAI since its inception. Throughout our journey, the team constantly helped us improve our campaigns which resulted in ever-increasing user engagement. We have utilized SpeechifAI for a range of purposes from events, to weekly updates to newsletters. The ease of the platform both in setting up a campaign and user sharing coupled with the real-time analytical analysis makes it an absolutely must have tool for us."


Hayden Young, Marketing Director at Antler

They trusted us, we delivered.  How about you?

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