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Civic Technologies   

Referral Marketing

         Case Study


Civic Wallet & SpeechifAI

GOAL: Activate customers to refer a product or service to their friends and followers on social media

Civic Technologies, a San-Francisco based company, is a market leader in blockchain identity verification solutions. 

Since July 24th, Civic Technologies has been running a community activation campaign using SpeechifAI for the launch of their new wallet app, Civic Wallet.


Click here to see the campaign sharing page.


The company onboards their existing users on our platform through targeted email blasts.


You can browse the posts that Civic users posted through SpeechifAI on Twitter at #civicwalletteam for a good example of how SpeecifAI works.





Preferred Platforms: Facebook & Twitter

Key metrics & results: 0.81 shares per user, 0.44 clicks per share, $7.2 generated value per share.

11.000 sign-ups from SpeechifAI.






"Over the course of 5 months, using SpeechifAI drove over 50,000 user shares for our campaign. The SpeechifAI team is incredibly dedicated to building a robust platform in response to their clients' needs and ship quickly as well. Client feedback is taken into account and we iterate together to prioritize features that address our business needs. The team is also very responsive when it comes to support and guidance on best practices to optimize shares. I highly recommend using SpeechifAI to amplify reach for your campaign."

 Nancy Li, Marketing Director at Civic Technologies

They trusted us, we delivered. How about you?

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