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Political & Civic Activism Case Studies

Political & Civic Activism with SpeechifAI


GOAL: Mobilizing passionate community members to spread the word about the organization and causes they care about.



Between December 6th and 16th, 294 activists used SpeechifAI to share 347 posts on Facebook and Twitter.


The campaign generated 3,576 clicks to a sign-up page for public gatherings. These posts were the catalyst behind the viralization of a famous hashtag to more than 1 billion impressions on Twitter in December 2019.

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CASE STUDY ONE - Key Insights & Results:



On November 4th, SpeechifAI hosted a social media blast by a digital activist group to encourage voting in state and local elections.

On Twitter only, their shares amounted to around 4,500 tweets and retweets that generated around 40 million impressions. They reached around 13 million Twitter users.

CASE STUDY TWO - Key Insights & Results


Within a day, 328 activists shared 591 posts through our platform on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

We have been using SpeechIfAi for the past 6 months to help streamline and simplify our social media messaging.  Ensuring our volunteers and supporters have access to talking points, graphics, and hashtags had been a challenge until we began using SpeechIfAi.  Prior to SpeechIfAi, we used Google Sheets with manually created links for every picture, article, and tweet.  This was labor intensive and could easily take several days to generate.  Also, it was limited to Twitter only. SpeechIfAi makes social media messaging easy across multiple platforms.  A campaign can be created in a few hours and can be updated at any time.  We have used the application for 10 campaigns with very positive feedback from our users. A specific campaign was created to encourage people to sign up to host or attend a local rally and then to submit and share pictures and videos of their event.  This campaign helped to generate almost a billion impressions on Twitter.

Digital Director at Client Company

They trusted us, we delivered.  How about you?

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